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Follow these links for more information about psychosis and where to go for help and resources. 



Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI) @ 


Mind Check @


Schizophrenia @



Young Adults 

Center for Early Detection, Assessment & Response to Risk (CEDAR Clinic) 


What is psychosis @


Diagnosis and treatment @





Parents and Caregivers 

Psychosis information @ 


What is psychosis @


Schizophrenia information @


Psychosis information @


Mental health and addiction information @


Information about psychosis episodes @

24 Hour Mental Health and Substance Use Crisis


If under age 18, call:

  +1 (800)-969-HELP (4357)


For age 18 and over, call:   

  • New Castle County:  +1 (800)-652-2929

  • Kent and Sussex Counties:  +1 (800)-345-6785



For Police or Medical Emergency Call 911 

For our downloadable brochure please click the pdf link below. 

For referring individuals seeking permission for CORE to contact  youth or youth families  please click the pdf link below for our contact form.