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Community Outreach | ReferraL and Early Intervention 

Delaware CORE is a service of the Delaware Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services and Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.


About Delaware CORE

We are Delaware CORE , a prevention program serving individuals 12-25 year-old who live in New Castle County who show signs of being at-risk for psychosis. Delaware CORE’s belief that youth despite being at risk for psychosis can lead rewarding and productive lives. Research shows that prevention of psychosis is possible. Welcome to our website! 


What are some risk factors for psychosis 

  • seeing or hearing things that others do not

  • believing what seems odd or untrue

  • feeling confused when trying to think or speak


CORE is located in Wilmington, Delaware serving youth and young adults living in New Castle County. 

+1 (888)-284-6030

24 Hour mental health and substance use EMERGENCIES ONLY use the contact information below

For youth up to 18 years old:

+1 (800)-969-HELP (4357)

For young adults above age 18:

Newcastle County 

+1 (800)-652-2929

Kent and Sussex Counties

+1 (800)-345-6785

For Police or Medical Emergencies Call 911

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All services are confidential and paid for through a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (Grant No: 1H79SM081195-010).

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